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Quick Snooker

Guidelines for moderators

Last Updated 22/09/2016

The Quicksnooker waiting rooms are intended to be a forum for open and friendly discussion.
The pages are published on the web and as such should be considered accessible to all ages.

We encourage:-

We tolerate:-

We discourage:-

Repeat offenders in this category should be kicked, or given a short less than 24 hour ban. (generally - a three strikes policy)

We will not tolerate:-

Offences under the above can (at the moderator's discretion) result in an immediate and permanent ban.

Rather than descend into a massive list of exactly what is or isn't acceptable - it will be left to the judgment of the moderators, but:-

QS management reserve the right to overturn or reverse bans (but we would very much tend not to)

IMPORTANT NOTE:- Neither QS or the moderators censor, or even read anything from private or ín-game' chats between players. Only in extreme circumstances (ie when directed by The Police or Security Services) would QS get involved in any way with these messages.

Players are provided with the tools to block each other and should be encouraged to use them as and if necessary.

It probably goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. If you abuse your powers as a moderator they will be removed. They may also be removed at random - if the room is reset, the database is changed, for other technical reasons - or, simply to 'share it around' a bit. - Don't be offended.

Thanks for your support

Nick & Clare